The Dzawada’enuwx Nation has stood in opposition to fish farms in their territory for nearly 30 years to protect their salmon and herring.  For time immemorial they have depended on wild fish and remain on the land living at the head of Kingcome Inlet.

Government has ignored Dzawada’enuxw leadership and allowed the fish farming industry to grow. Today 1/3 of the BC salmon farming industry is using Dzawada’enuxw territory to grow Atlantic salmon. 

Research on wild salmon in Dzawada’enuxw territory has recorded enormous loss of wild salmon due to sea lice from fish farms (link). 

While the industry claims to have improved, research published in 2016 demonstrates that sea lice from fish farms killed up to 40% of juvenile wild salmon in Dzawada’enuxw territory. (link)

There is no evidence anywhere in the world that the fish farming industry can operate without killing wild salmon (link)

Dzawada’enuxw herring stocks have failed to rebound despite 30 years of no fishing and recent evidence shows herring congregating around the farms putting them at high risk of disease and they are eating unnatural food and vulnerable to predators.


Recent science and a federal court ruling suggest the fish farming industry is putting Atlantic salmon infected with piscine reovirus into ocean pens throughout British Columbia, including Dzawada’enuxw territory.  Evidence suggests that this virus is from Norway. Wild salmon are at high risk of infection with this highly contagious virus associated with severe heart disease in salmon. This fight is for the benefit of all people because wild salmon are an essential part of our living world.